We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness and all that, but not a trite blog about 2022 being the most exciting 12 months to seize since New Year’s Resolutions began?!

It’s unlikely it will be for some of us, but hope springs eternal and the fact we’ve all made it this far is an achievement to be proud of!

Rather than a ‘year in review’ post, I wanted to quote a book that my dad gave me in 1993 in our personal annus-horribilis’ which made 2021 feel like a cakewalk. It’s a bit dog-eared and worn these days but with good reason, as Life’s Little Instruction Book has kept me centred this year – even as the world was veering off in a direction we could barely believe possible.

On a business note, I’ve enjoyed a year to remember with some wonderful clients who feel like firm-friends, never ceasing to offer a smile and a laugh during the many Microsoft Teams meetings we’ve worked our way through. We’ve achieved some special things and I genuinely feel that 2021 marks the beginning of many more.

  1. In business, remember that the most important thing is trust.

I’ve been introduced to new companies and contacts, some of whom have helped me progress from sole-trader status to the director of my own limited company in 2022. They will know who they are.

  1. Be modest. A lot was accomplished.

On a personal note, I’ve enjoyed a year to remember with some wonderful friends and family too. They’ll also know who they are, while one or two other enigmas won’t have a clue, stimulating my senses in a chink of light between sliding doors.

Spending time with my son remains priceless and the highlight of the year, as always. Rule 146 tells me to let him win when playing games, but there’s no danger of that happening anymore, as he’s much better than me nowadays!

Batting with him out in the middle when playing cricket was a memory that will forever endure, as we made hay in the sunshine in a win for Himley CC – who represent another new-found-love in 2021.

  1. Be prepared to lose once in a while.

He’s not been immune from the slings and arrows of sporting cruelty either, picking up a life lesson only a few weeks ago that I know is going to define him for the better in 2022.

  1. Improve your performance by improving your attitude.

It was only while leafing through the book that I realised I follow most of the suggestions made by H. Jackson Brown Jnr already. I keep stamps in wallet (389), I take the scenic route now and again (407) and keep a notepad and pen at my bedside table (453). Oh, and I call my mother (511)!

I thank my Dad for his genius paperback move, as he never tried to pave my road, but provide me with a road map instead; all without saying a word! Sure, there’s been some pot holes here and there, but it continues to navigate me well. 2021 can bear testament to that.

I can’t conclude with a tub-thumping proclamation of triumph ahead of the New Year, as none of us know how the next 12 months will pan out. But as point 274 reminded me, I have left everything a little better than I found in December 2021. Whatever happens both professionally and personally, I’m going to give it a bloody good go.

  1. Be bold and courageous. When you look back on life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did.

So whatever you’re up to for New Year’s Eve, have lots of fun and be kinder than necessary (173). And if I can leave you with one last thought as your clock ticks towards midnight…

  1. Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink 🙂