Farmers are being told that they’ve got a friend in Bridgestone in 2024, after the company unveiled a new online companion to make the most of, known as the ‘Bridgestone Club’.

Created with the philosophy that ‘you’ll never farm alone’, the platform will provide monthly offers, advice, news, discounts, giveaways, and opportunities to engage with other professionals at the tap of a device.

It has been designed to allow for as much interaction as possible, with opportunities to upload photos and comment on farming life along with other users around the UK. The Bridgestone Club will launch in January 2024 and Bridgestone’s VT Sales Manager for North Europe Stephen Lamb is excited to see it rolled out.

He said: “No other tyre manufacturer has created anything like this and we have never reached out to farmers in this way before. We are offering all UK farmers and contractors the opportunity to become a member of this exclusive Club, with so much emphasis on engagement and interaction.

“Our aim is to create a vibrant community, where professionals can lean on us for information, entertainment, and advice. We want to add a fun personality to our brand, where farmers will associate the Bridgestone name with a business that genuinely cares.

“We know that it can be a lonely existence out in the field, and this is our attempt to bring everyone closer and to celebrate everything that is truly good about British farming.

Regular news bulletins will be mingled with opportunities to win prizes each month, as will be seen when a Milwaukee Power Tool giveaway is launched in January. Meanwhile, farming ‘celebrities’ will be interviewed at regular intervals, while a ‘My Tractor – My Photo’ section will lend itself to greater levels of engagement amongst users.

Stephen added: “Bridgestone Club is something new and exciting for us and we hope it complements our line-up of premium tyres, with plenty of product advice and information brought to life in new ways, too.”

The Bridgestone Club platform underlines the company’s continued efforts to support the realization of a sustainable society by providing social and customer value. The Bridgestone E8 Commitment is at the heart of this and consists of eight focus areas – Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease and Empowerment – that guide Bridgestone’s strategic priorities, decision-making and actions throughout every area of the business.

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